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    Created: 15 Feb 1999    
    Updated: 7 Nov 2012    

How to Reach Me

Current email addresses

You can send me email at any of the following addresses, in order of preference/permanence: (appropriately modified to undo my spam-proofing measures, of course):

greg at gerg dot ca
personal address
gerg dot ward at gmail dot com
other personal address, just in case

Newfangled technology

Obsolete email addresses

Don't try contacting me with any of the following addresses. They don't work anymore.
gward at python dot net
former personal addresses; disabled because of junk mail
gward at mems-exchange dot org
old work address—has not worked since early 2003
greg at bic dot mni dot mcgill dot ca
ancient work address—has not worked since 1999 or so. (You might see this in README files for any software I released prior to March 1999. Don't use this address; all mail sent to it is automatically discarded.)

If you want to communicate securely, here is my PGP key.